A lot of our friends have been placed with different companies. Some of them have been trained online, some in classroom, and still some others are being trained ‘on-the-job’. So we are help to you learn programming skills yourself ‘PICK UP ANYTHING AND JUST CODE YOURSELF!’.

CODE SCRATCHER Code Scratcher builds your confidence and ability to quickly learn new concepts and technologies.

Code Scratcher’s programming articles are created by the best programmers and designed to help you meet your programming goals. This will help you improve your skills in programming, better understand concepts from articles.

Student, Beginners or professional can easily learn the different programming languages easily and understandable manner with source code download for each articles. Also they can download PDF file for the interview preparation.


Meet Blog Founders

Dharmendra Prajapati
(Bachelor computer science)
Jay Patel
(Bachelor computer science)

Hello Guys, We are passionate blogger, Software professional and Developers from India.

We have been working on Microsoft .NET technologies (ASP.NET, C#, MVC, Web API, jQuery ..etc) since last 5 years.

We started our first blog in 2014 on Technology and in this blogging career what we learnt we decided to share our experience with people in technologies articles.

We love what we do and hope to build our career in blogging with your continuous love, support and care. :)

Everybody seems to be talking about learning new skills, what is the best way to learn new skills? Our answers is Code Scratcher. Always we share new things with you.

Once again a heartily thanks to all for reading our thoughts.